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What to Do If Your Dog is Obese

You welcomed your dog into your life knowing well he is going to be a reliable companion for the long run. And because you want to nurture that bond between you two through the years, you show how much you adore and care. At times, these gestures come in the form of entertaining toys, cuddles,

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All You Need to Know About Siberian Cats

While I believe in the saying “adopt, don’t shop,” I recognize that a lot of people will prefer to buy a pet with a healthy track record from a certified breeder, or they need a pet with certain qualities, and such breeds that have these are rare finds in shelters. And Siberian Cats are one

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The Pain of Pet Loss and What Vets Can Do

As a vet, you know that your clients, the pet owners, rely on you for their furry friend’s health. What you might not be aware of is that they can also hang on to you in times of grief. This serves as the reason why vets should consider investing in sympathy cards or messages. They

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How to Train Your Dog to Turn On Command

You could train you little pup to do tons of cool stuff such as picking up toys or giving you hugs and kisses. But it’s also valuable to teach your pup practical skills including how to spin or turn on your command. This could be useful for various situations, from steering your pup away from

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Animal Cell Analogy: How To Understand Animal Cell Better

Animal cell analogy can help you understand better. It could be difficult to understand animal cell structure and function with its lots of different organelles. So, using analogy as if a cell as a whole hospital, it could help you learn its organelles and function.   Animal Cell Analogy For Nucleus You may consider the

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Cell Function And Structure Of Animal

There is almost the same cell function and structure between plant and animal though they are distinguished into animal cells and plant cells. Cells are units that form all living organisms. Cell membrane is a protective membrane that encloses all the cells but there is more cell wall in plant cells. Cellular organelles are certain

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Animal Cell Under Light Microscope Observation

Observing a wide range of biological processes and animal cell under light microscope is easier due to advances in microscopic techniques. We use microscope comprehensively in microbiology, mineralogy, cell biology, biotechnology, nano physics, microelectronics, pharmacology, and forensics. While observing with tissues or on tissue fragments or free cells in smear tests, medical diagnosis particularly requires

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Animal Cell Functions Nuclear Envelope Definition And Structure

The animal cell functions nuclear envelope or nuclear membrane is membranes that separate nuclei of eukaryotic cells and the cytosol. Separated from the cytosol, a compartment called the nucleus store genetic material in eukaryotic cells. The nuclear envelope is the dual membrane formation that encloses the nucleus and gives genetic storage in eukaryotic cells. Animal

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Animal Cell Functions Lysosome And Definition

Animal cell functions lysosome include as the place for break-down of structures or digestion in the cells. Lysosomes are small bags filled with enzymes that allow the cell to digest nutrients. They also help to destroy possibley harmful structures, useless parts of cells once it has died or break-down living cells in certain condition. A

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