Breathe Your Greens: Stress Relieving Indoor Plants

Having a house plant is probably one of the hottest trends amongst millennials and other young people today, with social media becoming chock-full of people posting photos of their jungle-esque collection of aloes and ivy’s adorning their studio apartments. As far as trends go, it’s probably one of the greenest, cheapest, most sustainable, and healthiest:

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The Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

Adopting a cat from a shelter can cost up to a few hundred dollars, but it can go as low as $15 depending on factors like the cat’s age, behavior, and medical condition. While I’ve always believed in adopting cats in need over buying from breeders, some people prefer a certain breed and have the

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solar panel roofs

Understanding the Benefits of Residential Solar Energy

Solar energy comes from the radiation of the sun, which can be converted to electricity and heat to power our homes. If you’re thinking of getting a solar energy system, you need to learn more about it. High-quality residential solar energy systems in Utah and other states are trending amongst homeowners because of the many

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garden vegetable boxes

Gardening Projects You Shouldn’t D-I-Y

A garden serves as a site of tranquility to an otherwise busy home. It’s where you can have your afternoon tea during the summer season, the first one to welcome you home after a long time of being away, the place where intimate conversations transpire at night. That piece of greenery is your slice of

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cutting a tree

Am I Legally Allowed to Cut a Tree?

With the Amazon rainforest burning down, it’s hard to think about cutting any more trees that supply the oxygen we breathe. It seems that we don’t have enough of them with the “lungs of the earth” gradually dying in front of our very eyes. Cutting down a nuisance tree in your backyard has to be

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Garden maintenance

A Guide for Making Mulch at Home

Mulching is an effective way to conserve moisture in the soil and improve the growth of roots to prevent erosion in your garden. If you are in Utah, there are stores dedicated to selling landscaping and gardening supplies. However, you can also make them right at the comfort of your home. It is very easy

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As the World Burns: The Destructive Power of Bushfires

Few natural forces are as destructive and uncontrollable as fire. A spark can keep growing as long there’s fuel, consuming everything in its path. Australians call these disasters bushfires. On February 7, 2009, a bushfire transformed a huge swathe of Victoria into an unimaginable inferno. One witness likened it to “the gates of hell”.The conflagration

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park full of trees

Discover the World’s Most Beautiful City Parks

Parks and gardens are an integral part of any community, whether residential or commercial. People are naturally drawn to flowers, trees, and immaculately landscaped grounds. These help them feel relaxed and at peace. Park City is also home to well-tended parks with landscape design and features. Other cities in the world also host thousands of

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group of friends eating in their camp site

Essential Survival Gadgets and Items to Bring on a Camping Road Trip

A journey with the family calls for appreciating the sights of your destination. Whether it is for a nature trip, a visit to historical places, or just a taste of life on the road, certain essentials have to be prepared. Aside from the important items such as food, clothing, gas, and other supplies, there are

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house with solar panels installed in the rooftop

Residents in California Have the Most to Gain by Having Solar Energy

Homeowners with solar panel systems in Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco could save at least $40,000 on average from utility bills over a 25-year period, according to a 2018 analysis. The amount is significantly larger than the estimated spending on electric bills per year in the U.S., where the average household

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