lawn water sprinkler

Sprinkler Problems and How to Fix Them

To maintain a healthy lawn, you need to water the plants, and a working irrigation system brings a lot of conveniences. If you need help because it doesn’t work now, the best sprinkler repair in Sandy, Utah, and other cities will save your day. There are some sprinkler issues that property owners often experience. You must

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cutting a tree

Am I Legally Allowed to Cut a Tree?

With the Amazon rainforest burning down, it’s hard to think about cutting any more trees that supply the oxygen we breathe. It seems that we don’t have enough of them with the “lungs of the earth” gradually dying in front of our very eyes. Cutting down a nuisance tree in your backyard has to be

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Garden maintenance

A Guide for Making Mulch at Home

Mulching is an effective way to conserve moisture in the soil and improve the growth of roots to prevent erosion in your garden. If you are in Utah, there are stores dedicated to selling landscaping and gardening supplies. However, you can also make them right at the comfort of your home. It is very easy

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As the World Burns: The Destructive Power of Bushfires

Few natural forces are as destructive and uncontrollable as fire. A spark can keep growing as long there’s fuel, consuming everything in its path. Australians call these disasters bushfires. On February 7, 2009, a bushfire transformed a huge swathe of Victoria into an unimaginable inferno. One witness likened it to “the gates of hell”.The conflagration

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park full of trees

Discover the World’s Most Beautiful City Parks

Parks and gardens are an integral part of any community, whether residential or commercial. People are naturally drawn to flowers, trees, and immaculately landscaped grounds. These help them feel relaxed and at peace. Park City is also home to well-tended parks with landscape design and features. Other cities in the world also host thousands of

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house with solar panels installed in the rooftop

Residents in California Have the Most to Gain by Having Solar Energy

Homeowners with solar panel systems in Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco could save at least $40,000 on average from utility bills over a 25-year period, according to a 2018 analysis. The amount is significantly larger than the estimated spending on electric bills per year in the U.S., where the average household

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Beautiful Garden With Bench And Little Pond To Relax

Five Water Features You Can Add to Your Home

Water has always had a calming and peaceful effect on people. Many homeowners choose to add water features to make their homes more inviting, welcoming and relaxing. Even if you live in a small space or at the heart of the city, you can still add a water feature to your property and help shake off stress

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Lake Michigan from above

The Top Five Spots to Go Boating in Michigan

Michigan is United States’ center for classic boating and the leading destination for many boating enthusiasts. It is home to the Great Lakes and boasts of the country’s longest freshwater shoreline that spans over 3,000 miles. The state offers a rich boating history, which is said to have blossomed around the late 1900s and early

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Sprinkler watering the grass

Common Problems with Sprinkler Heads

Owning a home will demand that one learns to balance the features of their home with how much energy and time they spend on maintenance. The underground sprinklers will need maintaining as well. Different from the convenience of having an electronic watering system, sprinklers provide aesthetic appeal. However, one will often find themselves having to

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