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Gardening with Dogs

Gardening with Dogs: Balancing the Needs of Pets and Plants

Having dogs and a garden sounds like a dream. Farmers and hobby gardeners, alike, swear by their faithful “furry” assistants. Monty Don, Britain’s favorite gardener, even wrote a book about his golden retrievers Nell and Nigel, where he says that like gardening, “dogs are the other element of that transplanted desire for older rural harmonies.”

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Jocelyn Enriquez

gardener and landscaper for upscale homes in California. Enjoys flower arranging and keeps a greenhouse of rare and exotic flowers to use upon customers’ requests. Enjoys costume designing and watching movies with her daughter on her days off.

Tony Gavinson

former owner of a commercial landscaping service business. Retired at the age of 44 after selling his business. Tony spends his free time reading the paper and watching house flipping and real estate shows on the FYI Channel.

Margaret Lipton

38-year old supervisor of an organic produce company. In-charge of overseeing greenhouse efficiency five days a week.